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父母对孩子的寄语 鼓励的话语

、宝贝,现在的你是一个美丽童话的开始,以后的故事也许包容万像,但一定美不胜收,是绚丽的晨曦。也许有风有雨,但一定会有灿烂的阳光迎接,愿你健康、快乐、聪明、纯真善良……,你幸福所以我们幸福! Baby, now you are the beginning of a beautiful fairy tale. The stories that follow may contain all kinds of things, but they must be beautiful and beautiful. They are the brilliant dawn. There may be rain and wind, but there will be bright sunshine to welcome you. Wish you health, happiness, intelligence, innocence and kindness. You are happy, so we are happy! 、如果你希望成功,以恒心为良友,以经验为参谋,以小心为兄弟,以希望为哨兵。 If you want to succeed, take perseverance as your good friend, experience as your reference, caution as your brother, and hope as your sentry. 、先相信你自己,然后别人才会相信你。 Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe in you. 、作为父母,我们对小安在第一学期的各方面表现基本满意,这也大大增强了我们对小安学习的信心。这主要要归功于老师们的辛勤付出和良好教育!在此,对老师们表示衷心感谢!希望小安在新学期里保持良好成绩的同时取长补短,通过自己的努力和老师的教诲改掉自己粗心大意、字迹不端的缺点;也希望小安在修好学业的同时能够多承担集体、家庭责任,多关心天下事,做一个有责任感,品学体兼优的好孩子,好学生! As parents, we are basically satisfied with Xiao'an's performance in all aspects of the first semester, which greatly strengthens our confidence in Xiao'an's study. This is mainly due to the hard work and good education of teachers! Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to teachers! I hope Xiao An can keep good grades in the new semester while learning from their strengths and weaknesses, through his own efforts and teachers'teachings to correct his careless, improper handwriting shortcomings; I also hope Xiao An can take more collective and family responsibilities and care more about the day while completing his studies. Next thing, be a good child with a sense of responsibility, good character and good physique, good student! 、生命之灯因热情而点燃,生命之舟因拼搏而前行。 The lamp of life is lit by passion, and the boat of life moves forward by struggle. 、构成我们学习最大障碍的是已知的东西,而不是未知的东西。 The biggest obstacle to learning is what we know, not what we don't know. 、大多数人想要改造这个世界,但却罕有人想改造自己。 Most people want to change the world, but few want to change themselves. 、应该将注意的焦点集中在寻找方法上,而不是借口上。 The focus should be on finding ways, not excuses. 、你是一个活泼,可爱的小朋友,喜爱听老师讲故事,上课的时候,能专心听讲,数学操作能力比以前有进步,能与老师愉快地交流,还会主动帮助老师整理区角的玩具。就要上小学了,如果你能管好自己,能与小朋友友好相处,相信你会更棒得! You are a lively and lovely child. You like to listen to the teacher's stories. When you are in class, you can concentrate on listening. Mathematics operation ability is better than before. You can communicate with the teacher happily. You can also help the teacher organize the toys in the corner on your own initiative. It's time to go to elementary school. If you can manage yourself well and get along well with children, I believe you will be better! 、再长的路,一步步也能走完,再短的路,不迈开双脚也无法到达。 No matter how long the road is, it can be completed step by step. No matter how short the road is, it can not be reached without taking both feet. 、人性最可怜的就是:我们总是梦想着天边的一座奇妙的玫瑰园,而不去欣赏今天就开在我们窗口的玫瑰。 The most pitiful thing about human nature is that we always dream of a wonderful rose garden on the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that open in our windows today. 、古之立大事者,不惟有超世之才,亦必有坚忍不拔之志。 Those who set up important events in ancient times must not only have extraordinary talents, but also have perseverance. 、希望许世杰在新的学期里有新的进步,尊敬老师,爱护同学,上课认真听,能积极发言。 I hope Xu Shijie will make new progress in the new semester. He respects teachers, cherishes classmates, listens carefully in class and can speak actively. 、喆喆希望你在下一学期里培养好对学习的兴趣,有一个好的学习习惯,以取得学习上的进步! I hope you can cultivate your interest in learning and have a good habit of learning in the next semester so as to make progress in learning. 、事实上,成功仅代表了你工作的%,成功是%失败的结果。 In fact, success only represents your work. Success is the result of failure. 、再长的路,一步步也能走完,再短的路,不迈开双脚也无法到达。 No matter how long the road is, it can be completed step by step. No matter how short the road is, it can not be reached without taking both feet. 、征服畏惧。建立自信的最快最确实的方法,就是去做你害怕的事,直到你获得成功的经验。 Conquer fear. The quickest and surest way to build self-confidence is to do what you fear until you have a successful experience. 、你的小手真能干,不仅能折剪出漂亮的纸工,精致的剪纸,还能熟练地进行数学操作。你喜欢和小朋友一起做游戏,你能主动收拾玩具,整理图书,你搭的积木真棒!就要上小学了,如果你回答问题也能象做游戏那样能干,那你一定会更棒的。 Your little hands are really capable. They can not only make beautiful paper-cutters, exquisite paper-cutters, but also skillfully perform mathematical operations. You like to play games with your children. You can take the initiative to tidy up toys, organize books, and you've built great blocks. You're going to elementary school. If you can answer questions as well as play games, you'll be even better. 、愿你像那小小的溪流,将那高高的山峰作为生命的起点,一路跳跃,一路奔腾,勇敢地、勇敢地奔向生活的大海。 May you, like that little stream, take that high mountain as the starting point of life, jump all the way, gallop all the way, and bravely run to the sea of life. 、失败是什么?没有什么,只是更走近成功一步;成功是什么?就是走过了所有通向失败的路,只剩下一条路,那就是成功的路。 What is failure? Nothing, but a step closer to success. What is success? It's all the way to failure. There's only one way left. That's the way to success. 、再长的路,一步步也能走完,再短的路,不迈开双脚也无法到达。 No matter how long the road is, it can be completed step by step. No matter how short the road is, it can not be reached without taking both feet. 、那些尝试去做某事却失败的人,比那些什么也不尝试做却成功的人不知要好上多少。 Those who try to do something but fail are better than those who try nothing but succeed. 、诚实是做人的第一美德。 Honesty is the first virtue of life. 、你是一个聪明、懂事的小朋友,上课时能遵守纪律,认真听讲,有时还能积极举手发言,你的手很能干,画得画真美,你的舞跳得棒极了!课间你能和小朋友在一起快乐地玩耍,你的上进心、自尊心都很强。就要上小学了,如果你能严格要求自己,就更棒了! You are a smart and sensible child. You can obey discipline in class, listen carefully, and sometimes actively raise your hands to speak. Your hands are very competent, your paintings are beautiful, and your dancing is wonderful. You can play happily with your children during class, and you are ambitious and self-esteem is strong. It's time to go to elementary school. If you can be strict with yourself, it's even better. 、当你感到悲哀痛苦时,最好是去学些什么东西。学习会使你永远立于不败之地。 When you feel sad and painful, it's better to learn something. Learning will make you invincible forever. 、若不给自己设限,则人生中就没有限制你发挥的藩篱。 If you don't set limits on yourself, there will be no barriers in your life that limit your use. 、任何业绩的质变都来自于量变的积累。 Any qualitative change in performance comes from the accumulation of quantitative change. 、环境不会改变,解决之道在于改变自己。 The environment will not change. The solution lies in changing oneself. 、人的才华就如海绵的水,没有外力的挤压,它是绝对流不出来的。流出来后,海绵才能吸收新的源泉。 Human talent is like sponge water. Without external pressure, it can never flow out. When it comes out, the sponge can absorb new sources. 、世上没有绝望的处境,只有对处境绝望的人。 There is no desperate situation in the world, only those who are desperate. 、驾驭命运的舵是奋斗。不抱有一丝幻想,不放弃一点机会,不停止一日努力。 The rudder of fate is struggle. Don't have any fantasy, don't give up a little chance, don't stop working hard for a day. 、你可以选择这样的“三心二意”:信心恒心决心;创意乐意。 You can choose to be ambitious: confident, determined and creative. 、成功的第一步就是:你要敢和别人不一样。 The first step to success is to dare to be different from others. 、愿你像颗种子,勇敢地冲破泥沙,将嫩绿的幼芽伸出地面,指向天空。孩子,愿你快快脱去幼稚的娇嫩,扬起创造的风帆,驶向成熟,驶向金色的海岸。 May you be like a seed, bravely breaking through the sand, stretching out the green buds on the ground and pointing to the sky. Child, may you quickly take off your childish delicacy, raise your creative sails, and sail to maturity, to the golden coast. 、成功的法则极为简单,但简单并不代表容易。 The rule of success is very simple, but simplicity does not mean easy. 、没有天生的信心,只有不断培养的信心。 There is no innate confidence, only continuous cultivation of confidence.

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